Sports Improvement

Sports Hypnotherapy

Sports Hypnotherapy has been used in sports as a performance enhancement tool for years.
The key is relaxing your mind improving your mental clarity and visualizing.
 Hypnosis can help the athletes relax while they are practicing, and more importantly during the game when pressure is at it's peak. I can help players shut out distractions, stress that shuts down athletic ability and helps them focus on their mental clarity to preform at their best.

Coaches tell players to get their head in the game that is what sports hypnosis can do.  It helps players get their head in the game and stay there without the stress and anxiety taking over their focus and mentally psyching them out. It reduces performance anxiety, and can increase confidence.
There has been research that has shown some athletes may develop an auto-response to pre-established stimuli that is geared to achieving the optimal performance.
Many professional athletes and teams use a technique called “Guided Imagery.” This technique is very similar to sports hypnosis.
 Hypnotherapy can help the mind in the same way that exercise and practice improves an athlete’s body.

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