Recovering & Healing From Relationships

How to deal with life after a relationship has ended.

You're coping with divorceloss, or the end of a long-term relationship. The house feels too quiet and you're at a loss for what to do.

 For the first time since you can remember, you're now completely on your own.

You're coping with silence in a home you once shared. In the midst of your loneliness and depression, you may find yourself wondering if there's life after your divorce, breakup or loss.

There is, and help is on the way!

During the first 30 days of life after the end of a long-term relationship you may feel symptoms of pain so real and acute that you're tempted to see a doctor. This is because over the years, you became "addicted" to your partner. And kicking this habit may be worse, in some ways, than withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.

Brain scans show people going through loss or a breakup can experience physical pain equivalent to a toothache. Scans also show the brain reacts similarly to a person in cocaine withdrawal.

One of the most attractive qualities of a committed relationship is the comfort of knowing that someone will always be there. It's something most people take for granted.

 When a relationship collapses and that person is suddenly missing from your life, the adjustment may be jarring. The first month is the most vulnerable time when it's especially important to surround yourself with trusted friends and family.

 As a Certified Relationship Coach and Hypnotherapist I can help you develop strategies for coping with this loss and give you tools to get through this faster, healthier and more healing!

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