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Do you go blank when you try to communicate with someone you are attracted too?

  • Do you start to perspire or grow clammy when you even consider approaching a woman to introduce yourself or ask her out?
  • Do you shoot yourself down before you ever ask someone out by convincing yourself they won’t like you?
  • Do you feel sick to your stomach at the mere thought of talking to a guy you like?
  • Do you sit at home alone because you are not comfortable dating?
  • Do you shake your head in confusion trying to understand how she feels about you? 
  • Do you like someone and need help getting their attention?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions you could benefit from working with a Dating Coach.  
  • Learn to improve your dating life.
  • Learn to gain confidence and like yourself better.
  • Learn skills to help meet people more comfortably.
  • Learn skills that help you become more confident in social settings.
  • Learn how to become a better conversationalist.
  • Learning body language that projects confidence.
  • Learn to relax your body when the “fear stage” sets in.
  • Understand how to choose your perfect partner.
  • Warning signs of destructive relationships.
  • Learn to spot Red Flags
  • Understanding personality disorders and how to spot them Sociopath, Narcissist etc.
  • Changing your previous dating patterns to healthy strategies.
  • Understand dating in today’s world.
  • Get rid of Emotional Baggage from your past so you can start new relationships healthier.

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