Healing From Loss

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All of us experience loss and tragedy at some point in our lives.

Our loss may be a dear friend, a sibling, romantic partner, spouse, parent or a beloved pet.

No matter who we have lost we experience a very painful grieving process that is different for each person.

We can be overwhelmed with sadness, anger, regret and devastating loss. When we try and deal with our feelings and those around us it can be extremely difficult.

For many of us this feeling of grief can affect our ability to function and change our entire existence. We can create “bitter grief” that hardens our heart and increase our suffering as well as those around us. Hypnotherapy and Counseling may be needed to help you move past this type of grief effectively.

For some of us our grieving process does not heal over time it becomes much worse.
Experiencing continued feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, anger and blame, frequent intrusive thoughts about the person we have lost and about their death, preoccupation with our grief, and everything and everyone is a reminder of our loss.

You may be unable to go about your daily routine or function normally. If this is the case, bereavement counseling and hypnotherapy can help to identify what is causing this “complicated grief” and give you strategies to help overcome it.

Hypnosis is excellent help for bereavement, because the techniques are able to teach you how you can consciously decide to think a much more healthy way about your loss.

Your mind is very powerful, and changing your thoughts from grief stricken sadness and anger to loving healthy memories can help you move on to a healthy happy new life.

Grief hypnosis allows you to still have your memories – but they will be less painful. You will be able to remember your loved one without all of the heartache.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I can help you reach some closure and how to move forward with your life.

Hypnotherapy helps you to begin to move on, to begin to live your life again and to learn to enjoy yourself once more without feeling guilty. It allows you to find ways to remember your loved one without the pain.

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