The Secret To A Perfect Valentines day

Do you fall into the same old rut of receiving or giving the same thing year after year, dinner, flowers, socks, or a box of chocolates on Valentines Day?

Advertisements bombard us that you can’t go wrong sending the traditional gifts right? Wrong, the most important thing you can do for the person you care about is making them feel special by fulfilling their love language the right way.

Gary Chapman, the author of “5 Love Languages” talk about how a person experiences love:, he divides it into 5 categories: Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts Of Service, Receiving Gifts, and Words Of Affirmation. Most people will require all of these emotions at varying levels from their partner; the key is understanding which is the most important.

Use your partners love language to plan their Valentines Day:

Quality time ideas: A partner that requires quality

time wants “your time”  and your “undivided attention”.  A quiet place for intimate conversations with no interruptions where you are actively listening to them and sharing yourself. If you can devote an entire day doing things you both enjoy. A weekend getaway for two would be a gift your partner would enjoy.

Words of Affirmation:This is a perfect time to buy the romantic valentines cards that tell your partner how special they are and why. A partner that wants affirmation wants to hear why you love them and what makes them unique to you. Finding that perfect song on the radio that makes them feel special, giving them the feedback they crave on what makes you want them over everyone else.

Acts of Service: Your partner that appreciates acts of service will love it if you do something special for them. It is the thoughtfulness and helping them with something they need that allows them to feel loved. A great gift would be sending them off to relax for a day while you finish their duties. Or if they have a honey do list choose a project they have really wanted, and you achieve one of the big jobs they have really wanted to be done.

Receiving Gifts: If gifts say love to your partner, you need to pay attention to  details, hints they may have dropped about what they like or want. They feel loved when you know what they like and give it to them, even small momento’s that just show you care. A sentimental gift that means something to you both can say a lot as well.

Physical Touch: A partner that feels love by physical touch enjoys acts of affection that are physical holding hands as you walk, hugging and cuddling in front of a fire, an intimate romantic evening, they desire the physical sense of closeness. Plan a romantic evening that includes touch.

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