Stop Cravings With Hypnotherapy

Have you been struggling to lose weight and nothing seems to work?

You just cannot fight the urge to get that second helping or give up your passion for fast food. The mere thought of eating healthy food is pure punishment. You come up with every excuse known to mankind on why you cannot work out.

Hypnotherapy may be the answer you are looking for.

How Hypnotherapy works

1. You should have a strong desire and commitment to lose weight; it cannot be something a partner is forcing you to do.

2. Your Hypnotherapist will visit you and find out what problematic behaviors are creating your weight gain such as emotional eating, boredom eating, lack of exercise etc.

3. Your Hypnotherapist will create a script that is carefully worded which works with the senses in a relaxed state to change those negative behaviors into more healthy and positive behaviors. An example would be learning to make healthy eating choices and enjoy it much more.

4. Your Hypnotherapist guides you into a very relaxed state of mind called the Alpha state of mind. This is very similar to the state you are in while driving in heavy traffic when your mind drifts off in thought and you end up way down the interstate and do not remember that drive.  The reason you are guided into the relaxed state of mind is to gain access to your subconscious mind which is more open to suggestion than your conscious mind. This allows you to make changes much easier.

5. You then receive a recording to listen to at night that reinforces this change and behavior.

Hypnotherapy has been very successful in helping people learn new behaviors in eating and exercising long term. It also helps them visualize the person they want to be which gives them a great incentive and motivation.

Your subconscious brain is very powerful and it controls the desire center for bad foods, so of course it makes sense you can be in charge of creating healthy desire and a love of exercise if you choose!

All you need is the desire for change and I can help you get there!

Deni Abbie

This article was origionally syndicated in CureJoy

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