Change Your Valentines Day Heartache to Happiness

Valentines Day, may create flash backs to childhood class rooms, valentine boxes, candy hearts, laughter, exchanging cards and the excitement of reading each scribbled name as you ate the candy.

Or a mental image could appear of chocolate boxes, candy hearts, beautiful flowers, diamond engagement rings, love and romance. Due to the sublingual commercialization we receive creating that mindset.

Not everyone is feeling the love during this holiday; it can be a very sad and heartbreaking time for many.

This is one of the highest breakup seasons yearly, which can cause “Broken HeartSyndrome.” It becomes a high suicide risk time of the year as well. The Suicide Hotline has a huge rise in calls on Valentines Day due to increase in depression, loneliness and isolation some people feel.

Some unfortunate people become very disappointed they did not receive the commitment from their partner they were desperately hoping for. This can create a domino effect: relationship issues, stress, depression or breakups.

There are singles that feel more alone on Valentines Day because it is so couples oriented. Valentines Day comes right after Christmas and New Years; it can be a trigger that throws them into depression.

How to change “Heartache” in to “Happiness”:

  1. Self Love: Start loving yourself and focusing on being good to you. You are your best friend and you need to start treating yourself as kindly as you would your closest friend.
  2. Affirmations: Say positive motivating affirmations while looking in the mirror daily. Stop negative talk, especially anything that is self-deprecating and focus thinking positive thoughts about yourself.
  3. Meditate daily: Take at least 15 minutes a day relax unwind and recharge your body.
  4. Treat Yourself: Valentines day is a day of love; you are practicing self love, so book yourself a massage; treat yourself to something special; make this a day that you do special things for you.
  5. Self Care: Exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep. These are the fundamentals for feeling and looking your best.
  6. Focus on Your Blessings: When you are going through hard times, make sure you focus on the positive blessings in your life rather than things that are tough; you will immediately notice how many good things are in your life.

Remember Valentines Day is just another day of the year. If you are going through a hard time look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Each day offers you a new opportunity to start over, clean fresh and new!

Make your Valentines Day a self-love day, not a sad one. Focus on bettering yourself; becoming healthy happy and more positive!

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