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The Hardest Part Of Letting Go Of The Holidays

December can be such a glorious month with so many activities; family gatherings, office parties, parades, the calendar is bursting with occasions.

Heart-warming movies, (all with happy endings) and reruns of childhood favorites, returning each year triggering nostalgic memories.

Holidays start with decorating, it signals that the festivities are beginning.

We end the season with a big bang New Years Eve, and wake up staring January straight in the face.

January is the reality check. It’s a new year, time to get serious and make some changes. I feel the need to immediately kick those New Years Resolutions into gear; after all it is a new year, time for a new improved me.

As I pack away the decorations I feel the spirit of the holidays slowly fading with each decoration I carefully wrap and store away.

The hardest decoration to take down each year is my beloved Christmas tree.

Each morning it greets me with those twinkling bright lights filling me with happiness. I leave it on all day adding their sparkle and warmth to my home.

My friend left hers up all year changing the decorations with different seasons because she could not bear to take her tree down.

When it is gone there is always a very bare spot where it sat. I miss sitting by the fire watching the twinkling lights.

Tucking my tree away signals the end of the holidays, and reminds me that the holidays are now over.

It is time to greet 2017 with open arms and great new intentions.

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