The Best Gift Of All

It seems, the older we get in life the harder it is to give our loved ones a list of gifts we want “under the Christmas tree.”

There may be a few items we would enjoy receiving; a new watch, our favorite perfume or some other tangible item we would enjoy.

However, the real gifts we truly desire come from deep within in our heart. These are gifts that cannot be bought or wrapped or stuck under our tree.

The desire to always be loved by our partner with love, loyalty, compassion and have that spark of chemistry continue to burn.

wish that our children will grow up to be happy, find success at their calling and, be surrounded by friends and loved ones. Also, that they will continue to share their lives with us, each and ever moment of it, so we miss nothing!

The gift of time with family and friends; each moment spent with a friend or family member is so precious. We store each memory like a photograph to be played back at a later date to be enjoyed again and again.

The gift of good health so that we can live life free of pain and sickness. To have the ability to enjoy the exciting adventures and activities life offers with loved ones without limitations.

True happiness and the ability to appreciate the blessings we have in our lives, instead of the desire to be someone else, or have things we do not possess. To be truly content with the life we live.

The wish for peace among all people to live a life with no war, violence, hatred or jealousy where kindness is given freely and love is felt readily to everyone.

These are the real gifts in life; they cannot be purchased but with a loving spirit and great intentions many can be shared.

Happy holidays, Deni Abbie

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