Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself

This beautiful quote by Coco Chanel reminds us that beauty starts with being our true and authentic self.

Society  pushes us to conform and follow others and trend. If someone is different many times people shun them for standing out and showing their individuality.  We as a society need to really learn to love who we really are.

When we stop trying to be like others,  or fit in, we achieve  an internal peace and confidence that allows us to let go of jealousy, envy and other negative energies.

This ability also allows us to enjoy personal relationships at a much healthier level. We do not expect people to make us happy,or fix us, we just enjoy them as a partner.

Learning to be happy with ourselves is key to a happy and confident out look on life. Strive for your inner beauty that is unique to you and love yourself and your life!

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