Haters Are Going To Hate; Jealousy is Not Your Fault!

Have you ever had someone just not like you no matter how incredibly friendly you are to them? You give them your warmest smile and try and pull them into your inner circle of friendship. You ask them all about themselves and show sincere interest, but are met with a cool icy resistance and brittle answers. They may even degrade you publicly in front of others. You have no idea what you could have done to create such dislike from this person.

Many times it has nothing to do with you, people can be very jealous of you for a number of reasons that you have no control over.

Some people will focus on your life, looks or material items and only see the things that they want, desire and think are positive. They fail to see that you may have struggles, stress and disappointment in your life just like they do. They are so filled with jealousy they aren’t able to see you are human.

Other people may be jealous because they feel threatened or insecure. In a study Dr. Shauna Springer discusses a person that is in an unstable relationship and they feel vulnerable may perceive you as a threat due to their insecurity.

Social Media is a big problem in increasing jealousy because people’s lives look much happier, more glamorous than reality. This creates a lot of jealousy if your life appears to be so much better than theirs, it can cause huge resentment.

Another reason people are jealous is that you may be getting attention from someone they love or admire and they are craving that attention. Many times this creates instant dislike and competition.

Sometimes people are going to hate you or be jealous because of your situation, do not take it personally, “it is not about you, it is about them”

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