Get Her Attention And Keep It

You spot a woman on line and everything about her has you completely spell bound. You really want an opportunity to meet and connect with her.  How do you stand out among the hundreds of other suitors online?

Women may receive an extraordinary amount of emails, winks, favorites, picture likes and other little signs from men trying to gain her interest.

Be careful the way you approach her, a man sending something with nothing personal  feels like he is only adding a woman’s’ name,  this screams out mass mailing. If it is as brief as a “Hi” it does not show much interest.

The more authentic you can be in letting a woman see why you are  interested in her, and why you feel a connection the more  opportunity you will have to resonate with her. Tell her what it is about her that made her different from the rest, make sure you are sincere in your approach. Take your time, be sure to read her profile and know who you are writing to, it is all about connecting with her in that first message and capturing your attention..

Men are lured to a woman’s profile by her pictures, then they may or may not read her profile. Women pay attention to the pictures, but they are heavily influenced by what the profile says and how the man interacts with them through the communication.

The key is being Authentic, honest and spending time communicating your feelings with her. Make her feel special if you think she is.

Happy dating,


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