Make your personality stand out!

How do you showcase your personality to help make a great impression and invaluable connection in a world inundated with social media and advertising?

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on our social media sites, in our mail boxes, email, telephone texts and recordings, flyers on our door steps, and even at the movies we see commercials. You cannot escape ads trying to persuade us and sell us. 

How to stand out:

If you are trying to compete in this market on a personal level, how do you stand out?

  • Let you personality shine out:
  • Have pictures of yourself that are clear and people can identify with that show your personality.
  • Show how your personality will help separate you from your competitors.
  • When you showcase your personality you need to engage people, drawing them in to your message.
  • Your personality should establish a great rapport with your prospect. You want to be credible and create a bond.
  • Make sure you are humble, interesting, approachable and interesting.

Ways to send out your message:

  •  A video is a great way to show your personality. It could be as brief as a one or two-minute video offering free advice on your services, or tips.
  •   Blog and be friendly and speak the way you talk to your family and friends.
  •  Post pictures of yourself attending different functions etc, so they can relate to you.
  • Facebook is a great way to show your personality.
  •  Twitter, Google+ and many of the other social medias offer a great source to really shine.

Once you have connected with your market and they can relate to your personality you will have an opportunity to bond. The more you bond with your clientele the better opportunity you have to gain their loyalty and do business with them. Your personality is the key in a business based off of personal care products!

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