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  1.   Are you rediscovering yourself after a bad relationship or divorce and need to remove emotional baggage to start over...a Relationship Coach may be the perfect answer!
  2. Do you to boost your confidence and self-esteem...a Hypnotherapist could be your solution!
  3. Is your relationship lagging; lost that loving feeling; is communication in your relationship an issue...a Relationship Coach is key!
  4. Are you suffering from Anxiety and Panic attacks... A Hypnotherapist can help!
  5.  Are you entering the workforce after raising children or a divorce...a Life Coach could navigate the way!
  6. Are you struggling to find the right partner; keep picking the wrong person over and over again; just don't know how to meet people... get a Dating Coach!
  7. Are you feeling stressed and dealing with pressure... A Hypnotherapist is a must!
  8. Are you struggling with your business, life, relationships...A Life Coach and Hypnotherapist might be the difference you need!
  9.  Do you need to improve your sports performance...a Hypnotherapist could be your winning edge
  10. Are there habits you just can't change… need help: losing weight, stop procrastinating, start exercising, stop drinking; stop addiction...A Hypnotherapist is the perfect choice! 

  I use a very effective approach called  "Positive Outcome Suggestion Technique."  POST  is a combination of Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)  that helps you reach successful results fast!

Let me help you achieve "maximum results” within a "minimum time” frame!

If you are motivated for change and ready to see a difference in your life I can help you get there!

 My program is highly personalized and tailored to each individual's specific needs, in a supportive and safe atmosphere. We uncover what obstacles are holding you back from achieving your dreams, or overcoming any issues you may be facing.

I help you set realistic goals, provide the tools  motivation and resources to help you get there. I support and guide you throughout this process.  I only take a certain number of clients at one time so I can devote myself fully to my clients giving them my undivided attention.

All I need from you is the motivation and desire for a better life and I can help you get there!

I see clients in person and virtually 

***For a more detailed list of my services please see the menu for “Services Provided.” 

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Deni Abbie Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

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