You Had Her With Your Words, Lost Her Through Actions

Dick and Jane started out with a beautiful relationship. Dick whispered sweet words of love and adoration into Jane’s delicate ear. He spoke of his undying love and loyalty for her and promised that it would last forever. He peppered her with flowery compliments of her incredible beauty and intelligence. His wonderful words weaved their magic spell and left her craving more.

Yes, Dick and Jane had that, “special” feeling that left them day dreaming of each other constantly, and silly smiles covered their faces as they shared loving texts. When they saw each other their hearts would skip a beat and the chemistry flowed.

They started spending all of their time together becoming inseparable. The bond between them strengthened as they talked about their future together. Love was so beautiful and exciting.

The knowledge that they would spend their lives together was understood. Time and life went on as they continued to date.

Sadly our lovely couples relationship started to deteriorate; a slow unraveling of the relationship. You ask yourself how could this happen to such a perfect couple that was so happy.

Dick felt confident about Jane, he knew she loved him, and started to take the relationship for granted. All of the wonderful little things he did to win her affection he felt were no longer needed, because he already had her.

The beautiful words whispered in her ear of love and adoration was no longer spoken. The flowery compliments that told her what he loved about her were rare; instead he offered suggestions on how she should improve herself.

The beautiful promises of love and loyalty forever had been broken during a weekend away with the guys.

When Jane looked at Dick she longed for the sweet romantic man she had met that made her feel special and oh so very loved. She now felt lonely and alone even when they were together; he always seemed too busy to give her his attention or make time for her.

This was not the life or relationship she wanted for herself and she knew it was time to walk away now before it was too late.

Dick had won her love with all of his beautiful words and promises, but had lost her with his actions.

Both men and women must remember that a healthy happy relationship is keeping the love and romance alive throughout the entire relationship. It is easy to win someone’s affection with beautiful promises, but imperative to work on fulfilling them.

Do not take each other for granted; continue to give each other words of affirmation; keep good communication flowing; show each other through actions that you care with acts of kindness, loyalty and respect at all times.

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Originally syndicated on MindBody Network

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