Love your life-Social Media isn't real!

Today as you scroll across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media, watching people laughing, playing, enjoying life; emotions are generated within you.

You gaze at people surrounded by friends, loved ones, attractive dates, doting spouses, talented children, enjoying exciting trips; their lives look picture perfect!

Then you reflect on your life and think, “why is my life not as incredible as theirs?” After looking at all of these attractive happy people in the pictures, you look in the mirror and start to magnify your flaws.

If you are single or your relationship is not healthy, seeing the pictures of the loving couples make you feel even more alone.

Children’s accomplishments flood the Internet creating a feeling that your children should certainly be at least half as accomplished or you have failed as a parent.

Travel photos of beautiful destinations with wonderful adventures and pampering that you dream about, are everywhere you look.

Picture after picture send you slipping into this dark sad place as you wonder why you are not experiencing all of these wonderful opportunities life has to offer. Why is everyone else living such exciting happy lives, and you just watch?

This is called “Facebook Depression,” this is an actual syndrome that is very prevalent.

Clients talk to me about how bad social media makes them feel about themselves and their lives everyday.

It has become an epidemic issue, so as we are ending a holiday weekend and social media is filled with loads of incredible pictures, I wanted to address this.

Remember one thing as you look through social media; keep things in perspective!

Most people do not put their sad moments or drama out for the world to see.

When they are on their family vacations they are not posting pictures of them tired, cranky, mad and fighting. They are not posting the pictures of what is going on behind the scenes in their relationships, money issues, if they are on the brink of divorce, the children are fighting over what they get to do and who gets to go first. They are not posting the underlying issues they want to forget about if the kids may be fighting a drug addiction, the daughter may be pregnant, a family member may be fighting cancer and so on.

In life we all have problems, nobody unfortunately is immune to experiencing life’s hardships.

These are not what the people want to remember about their life experiences. They only want to remember the good parts, so that is what they will share with the world.

Many times people that are hurting the most flood the Internet with smiling pictures to convince the world and themselves they are happy, and it is not even real.

There are so many apps out there to photo shop a picture and make people more beautiful. When you see someone on the Internet and social media, you really have no idea what they actually look like.  In real life you can’t compete with airbrushing apps so do not try.

Social media is set to make things beautiful, fun and exciting. That is what people enjoy looking at.

Do not look at social media and think everyone is living a better life than you are!

You have no idea what is going on behind those photos, smiles, and in their real lives.

If you find that social media is causing you depression and you cannot rationalize it, get away from it, turn it off.

Focus on “you!”  Just enjoy all of the blessings you have in your life.

Never focus on other people and the way they live their lives, or the things they have. What you see may not even be real, so be grateful for the gifts you have been given that are real and build on those!

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