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Learning How to Say “Hello”

Don’t Let Shyness Stop You from Meeting New People!

Do any of these scenarios seem familiar?

  • Are you finding it almost impossible approaching new people or even asking someone out on a date?
  • Do you have a hard time with eye-to-eye contact, especially if you are interested in someone romantically?
  • Does your tongue seem tied in a knot when you even attempt a simple “hello!”
  • Does your mind go blank when you are trying to start a new conversation with unfamiliar people?

Wouldn’t life be easier if the above scenarios didn’t happen to you?

What if someone told you that even incredible shy individuals can overcome their difficulty, and learn to comfortably converse with new people in a variety of social settings? I bet you would say, “Sign me up or what do I need to do?”

Don’t worry; there is hope out there for even the most introverted individuals.

To get you started easing into a more confident role:

  Practice makes Perfect. Your mother, father, teacher and/or coaches always told you practice makes perfect, they are right. By practices these following steps, you will improve your ability to approach and converse comfortable with a variety of people.

o   Let’s Get Eye-to-Eye. Start off with making simple eye contact with different people at some of your favorite stores or restaurants.

o   Pick a location that is comfortable to you. For example, practice eye-to-eye contact at one of your favorite coffee spots. Start off with making a glance at someone who appears friendly.

o   Hold your eye contact even for a few seconds. Continue practicing this technique at other places but work on holding your eye contact a little bit more on each encounter.

o   Eventually, you will be able to hold full eye contact as you carry on a conversation, it will get easier and easier and almost feel like second nature. Smile and the World Smiles Back. Start with a small smile that feels comfortable. Smiles are contagious and when you start to see people smiling back, you will become more confident in approaching people. Remember, the more you smile, the more automatic it will become.

  • The Power of a Simple Hello. Once you have become comfortable with making eye contact and smiling, you are now ready to add a simple hello. Most people will more than likely respond to your hello. Just remember if someone does not say hello back, don’t get discouraged. Chances are that you will never see that person again. They could equally be as shy or just having a bad day.
  • Let the Conversation Roll. Since you have mastered the above techniques, it’s now time to add a small conversation to your hello. Here are a few suggestions to get the conversation rolling. These are only a small sample of how to break the ice. Practice thinking up ideas at home so that you are more prepared.

o   “I think they make the best coffee, have you ever tried any of their other coffee flavors or drinks?” o   “I hear this song all the time and I love it, do you know who sings this song or do you know the title of the song so I can download it when I get home.”

o   “I just moved here. Would you happen to know of any really great Italian restaurants?” Even though these steps may feel challenging and a bit uncomfortable at first, practice will make it feel less awkward.

Remember, “Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from overcoming your fears and gaining your new found confidence!”  For more assistance on over coming your shyness contact [email protected]

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